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Monday, February 9, 2009


( B.598)

Brahmagupta was the Scientist to tell first that it is the nature of the earth to attract bodies as it is the nature of water to flow.

Brahmagupta, the eminent Indian mathematician was born at Bhillamala in Gujrat. He was the court astronomer to King Vyagnramukha of the dynastry.

He first framed the ruler of operation for zero. He founded the numerical analysis. He gave a solution to indeterminate equations like ax2 + 1 = y2. He declared that addition or subtraction of zero to or from any quantity, negative or positive, does not affect it. He concluded that the product of any quantity with zero is zero and division of any quantity by zero is infinity.

24+0=24, 24-0=24 or -24-0=-24, 24x0=0
He solved equations like ax+b=0 and ax2+bx+C+0. He is the first mathematician to treat algebra and arithmetic as two separate branches of mathematics.

Brahmasphutasiddhanta and Karanakhandakhadyaka are the two threatises of Brahmagupta. The former contains chapters on arithmetic and algebra. The latter is a hand book on astronomical calculations.

Brahmagupta was an orthodox. He believed that the earth was round. He effectively used algebra for the first time in calculations.

Bhaskara said Brahmagupta is the gem of the circle of mathematicians.


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