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Monday, February 9, 2009



We know nothing about Charaka as a person. But his studies in the field of physiology, etiology and embryology have been made known. His monumental work “Charaka Samhita” an Ayurvedic treatise has gained popularity. It is believed that Charaka was the son of a sage who walked from place to place to cure the sick. Charaka lived 20 centuries ago.

Charaka says the body functions because it contains three dosha or humours namely bile (pitha), phlegm (Kafa) and wind (Vata). According to him, these doshas are produced when dhatus such as blood, flesh and marron act up on the food eaten. When the balance among the three dosha is disturbed there will be illness. To cure illness he prescribed medicinal drugs.

Charaka studied the anatomy of human body and various organs. He found that there are 360 bones in human body including teeth. He regarded heart as a controlling centre and it is connected to the entire body through 13 main channels. If there is any obstruction in these channels the result is disease. He gave a correct picture about the concept of digestion, metabolism and immunity.


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